life as i know it

and then everyone was covered in fake blood and dancing

Photos from the EuroCheryl party at the Bell House.   The Cherylites had one last hurrah before they set off for Europe to bring their love of dance parties, felines, and fake blood to Europe.

No shortage of Lederhosen here!

Everyone got up on stage to dance in the Parade of Nations

... and to participate in Baguette Jousting.


Do the Cheryl!

Le Trash

Buon Voyage, Cheryl! Have fun on the other side of the pond!

life as i know it

meanwhile, back in the jungle…

Photos from the Desk Set’s annual Biblioball, a fundraiser to help provide books and support literacy for incarcerated teens.  My good friend the immensely talented Jean Loscalzo choreographed a tableau vivant with trapeze artists and dancers  – such a spectacle!  Pretty girls and dancing, yay!

gettin’ pretty.

Keep Looking Beautiful

In the dressing room…

The Love Generators

Bam I am!!!



Dena and Sara watching the show.

Jean back in the spotlight!!!! <3 <3 <3

Tableau Vivant!

Meanwhile, back in the jungle…


no signal


post-performance Gorilla

We did it! Let’s boogie! Wheeeeeeee!