Cuchifrita's Curls
life as i know it

Cuchifrita’s Curls

Shot for Bombshell Bakers this weekend, a book project I’ve been working on with friend Dakota Kim for the past several months.  We worked with two lovely burlesque dancers, one pictured below in an out take from the shoot. Dame Cuchifrita did her hair in giant coke can curlers and we shot her on the streets of Bed-Stuy – she was all kinds of fabulous! Be on the lookout for this totally sweet and sexy cookbook that should be published later this year.

Cuchifrita's Curls

life as i know it

hangin with b.a. at the beach

yesterday i visited my friend b.a. at the gypsy, a mutual friend’s amazing houseboat that is docked at a marina in the rockaways.  we hung out at the marina, drank wine, toured the boatels, ate dinner on the roof of the boat, drank whiskey, crashed a marina party, and drank beer.  it was a great day.

another thing you should know about b.a. is that she a brilliant video artist.  she creates ambient and psychadelic video projections that she controls from her keytar…her KEYTAR!!! how rad is that???!  i think it’s radder than the tuxedo bathing suit that B.A. is rocking in this photo, which is pretty rad.

Backlit B.A.


Backlit BA #2


No Diving
life as i know it

dumpster diving

thanks to friends at the danger and 3rd ward, the dumpster pools have returned to new york, now complete with DJs, lifeguards, booze, dancing, and food trucks.

The Palms


No Diving

the beach

the beach

dumpster diving


flamingos for sale

hotpants and hulahoops

house of house


lovely alita




the boys in charge

on the beach

in the pool

lobster truck

food truck smile


yes, we are still in long island city

hair toss

...but we are dancing!

house of house

right, house of house?

sasha's leap


lamia and palms

i can see you, lamia.

lamia and ryan

lamia, i can still see you!

tiger pool girl

night swimming

the pools are pretty at night


serpent huddle

black bikini


bobby with tiger head

no running, bobby.


Pat Mahoney

dancing girl



full gallery here: the palms gallery