life as i know it

You Can Have it All.

My weekend in photos…


Meena! (at the impromptu Friday evening margarita and record party hosted by Stache and Lloyd at 93 Adelphi). It was 80 degrees out! Let’s party!

Look at all those records!!

More records!

And lights!


Then it was Saturday and and there was more record playing involved.

Later that night we went to the Danger party at Will’s house and there were burlesque dancers and people tickling us with peacock feathers.

and MB showed me her new tattoos! This is one of them.  YOWZA!!!!

You can have it all!!

On Sunday we rode bikes to Williamsburg and ate brunch and went to thrift stores.  You CAN have it all!!

Then we sat by the Grand Street Beach under the warm sun.  Success!