Nicky Da B
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Nicky in Niagara, NYC

Did a little shoot with Nicky Da B this weekend while he was in town.  Thanks to Amanda Browder for letting us shoot in her amazing piece Hello, Niagara which was installed at the Dumbo Arts Festival.  Here are a few takes from the shoot…

Nicky Da B

Nicky Da B

Rusty Lazer//Monochromatic Dressing

Nicky’s manager and DJ, and one of my all time favorite people, Rusty Lazer

Nicky Da B//Black & White

Nicky Da B

Nicky at the House of Yes

…and here’s a little bonus shot from Nicky’s Friday night show at Bushwick’s House of Yes.



Nicky Da B
life as i know it

oh nicky, you’re so fine

Two weeks ago I got to spend an amazing weekend with Rusty Lazer, Nicky Da B, and Diplo shooting stills on the video shoot for Nicky Da B’s new single he did with Diplo.  Watch Express Yourself here.

Nicky Da B

diplo and azz

dip low

Rusty and Nicky

rusty and nicky

Nicky and his dancers

qwack, nicky, meaka, and ro

Quack and Little Kat

qwack and minicat

Pierre Pressure the monster

pierre pressure the monster


pregnant poppin'

pregnant ladies bounce, too.

Diplo metal t-shirt

hey diplo, i still want one of these t-shirts!


Monster Pierre

Little Kat

Nicky and dancers at the Music Box


action shot


video shoot

Diplo under the Claiborne Bridge

diplo under the claiborne bridge

NickyDaB dancer




Manchu bounce party

we had a spontaneous bounce party outside of manchu’s food store. fried chicken included.

The End




Parade Costumes at Hank's on St. Claude
life as i know it

in and around voodoo alley

One week in NOLA. Parade season has already begun. Costumes, cocktails to go, food trucks, pizza speakeasies, a sissy bounce video shoot, chicory coffee, bloody marys, po’ boys, graffiti, 2 hour hot tub chats, and glitter.

Cotton candy Truck

Sweets for sale outside of the beauty supply store

Parade Costumes at Hank's on St. Claude

sleep, drink, sleep, drink, etc.

Claire and Nora in Voodoo Alley

Claire and Nora in Voodoo Alley

Butt Party


Quack, one of Nicky Da B’s dancers

Graffiti on Chartres

St. Roch Cemetery

St. Roch Cemetery

Rusty Lazer

Rusty Lazer

The Music Box

The Music Box

St. Roch Cemetery


Quack workin’ it at Nicky Da B’s video shoot

Band Costume

photos from the Nicky Da B video shoot with Rusty Lazer and Diplo coming soon!

life as i know it

Dance parties, sparklers and shoes I can’t walk in.

Dance parties at Roberta’s are way more fun that one would expect.

I finally got to wear these shoes.

I went to two parties last weekend at which there were sparklers.  I need more sparklers in my life.

Joann and Angell got married!!!!!!!!!! Look at how she is glowing!

Corinne pulled Jay’s pants down!

Big Freedia bounces at Warsaw.

Big Freedia plays Rubulad!


I would post more pics now but I’m moving tomorrow and all my hard drives are packed away.


life as i know it

My friend Jay.

This is my friend Jay.  He’s a DJ.  He goes by the name Rusty Lazer.

Jay is generous, kind, enthusiastic and you should see him throw a party (you can refer to this post to get a better idea of what one is like).

I like visiting him and sitting at his kitchen table and drinking tea while he tells me about the tour he’s come back from or the crazy show he’s just been at or the photo shoot he’s been a part of or how wild it is that Sissy Bounce has gotten so huge.  (And it has!) If you don’t know what it is, google it, or look at his website.

This is Jay in his yard, which is a constant work-in-progress for him, that I imagine he will get to when he’s not flying all over the world playing shows and making people dance.

Thanks for your hospitality and time in NOLA, Jay.  I’ll see you soon, fo’ sho.’

life as i know it

saturday night at the st. roch like whoa.

Pictures from Rusty Lazer’s weekly Saturday night party at the St. Roch Tavern in New Orleans.  It was a crazy crazy fun way to spend all hallow’s eve – sweatin’ it out on the dance floor in the dirty dirty.

DJ Rusty Lazer

Ally gets low.

My favorite tattoos of all time ever.

How'r ya derrr'n, Merr'n?

Azz everywhere....

Azz everywhere!!!


i don't know.