Life of the Afterparty - Jil Sander pink dress
life as i know it

life of the afterparty

Pics from a test I did this weekend with the super foxy Devon at Ford Models.  Fashion stylist Jacob Glaser brought the clothes to life and prop stylist Emily Kellerman gave us a party we wish we had attended!  I also worked with long time friend and magic-maker Dena Rutherford on hair and the wildly talented Seevon on makeup.  Such a fun shoot – hoping to do more of this in 2013.

Life of the Afterparty - Free People sequined Jumpsuit

Life of the Afterparty

Life of the Afterparty

Life of the Afterparty - Jil Sander pink dress


Life of the Afterparty - Vintage cream jumpsuit





life as i know it

Playing with The Impossible.

It’s amazing what can happen in a few moments walking around the block.

I stopped by the photo workshop that Levi’s set up at the old Deitch space on Wooster Street today to sign up for some free studio time(!), and to my pleasant surprise, the folks over at the Impossible Project were there lending out Polaroids and a pack of film to anyone who wanted to get their photo on for the afternoon.  I handed over my ID and I got a polaroid camera and a pack of the Impossible Project’s own Silver Shade Monochrome film and was on my way.

I went through my 8 shots pretty quickly (I thought there were 10!).  It was pretty rad for me because I can’t remember the last time I went out onto the street to shoot.  Now I certainly don’t miss street photography nor do I aspire to be a street photographer, but taking pictures just for the fun of it is something I haven’t done in a long time (I’m still recovering from graduate school…and I think too much), and it was a lovely few moments seeing what this new film would bring – and rediscovering the act of discovering.

Treating my camera like a sketchbook is a really important attitude for me to have towards photography, and I remembered today that I need to that more often.  The photos above are my edit from today’s experiment.  Whaddya think?

And I’ll be there on Saturday, November 13th from 1-4 shooting portraits of my friends – I’d love it if you came in to let me shoot your pretty face!

P.S.  This blog entry was not endorsed by Levi’s or the Impossible Project – I just really dig what they are doing.

life as i know it

The Exquisite Landscape

I’m in this show that opens this Friday.  I am honored to be showing along some of my mentors and fiercely talented colleagues.  I got a sneak peak of it during install last week and it looks amazing. You should go.

Artists include:

Lara Alcantara
Charles Atherton
Nayland Blake
Barbara Bloom
Adam Blumberg
Holly Bynoe
Christine Callahan
Marla Leigh Caplan
Teresa Christiansen
Beth Chucker
Tara Cronin
Pradeep Dalal
Dillon DeWaters
Joy Episalla
Samuel  Falls
Michael Itkoff
Bill Jacobson
Susan Jahoda
Tuomas  Korpijaakko
Heike Marie Krause
Kim Kremer
Tatiana Kronberg Hamilton
Catherine Kunkemueller
Justine Kurland
Pierre Le Hors
Rebecca Leopold
Jamie Lund
Joshua Lutz
Kenric  McDowell
Roisin  Morris
Barbara Nitke
Paul Qaysi
Martha  Rosler
Elizabeth Sales
Lauren Silberman
Abigail Simon
Hyla Skopitz
David Smith
Willamain Somma
Davis Thompson Moss
Brina Thurston
Janaina Tschape
Alejandra Ugarte Bedwell
Alyssa Taylor Wendt
Hannah Whitaker