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portrait of jessica hopper

I had the honor of meeting and photographing the music writer and senior editor of Pitchfork back in March for the June issue of Bust Magazine – pick it up on newsstands now!  I saw her read from her new book The First Collection of Criticism by a Female Rock Critic in Greenpoint tonight.  It’s an amazing collection of writing the delves much further beyond music and into culture at large. She’s charming, witty, and down-to-earth – it was great to work with you Jessica!



life as i know it, music

Ancient Egyptian New Year’s Hot Rave

…it was called something like that. It was basically a super hot and sweaty fun birthday dance party at the Center for the Advancement of Contemporary Art, which is the home to to a few friends’ art studios, located in Williamsburg.  Talibam! played in Maya Hayuk’s studio space (those are her rad paintings in the background) – they were weird and awesome. Here’s a photo:


life as i know it

Swooning for Summer.

Sometimes the recipe for a perfect summer day in New York requires one thousand other like-minded people who want to let their hair down and dance.  Last Sunday I joined the masses on the Williamsburg Waterfront to wild-out at the Cut Copy show.  I got to meet up with some old friends, drink, dance and bask in the feeling of freedom that should accompany the summer season.

I’ve been working/worrying way too hard the last month.  Summer needs to feel more like this:

Cut Copy – Glittering Clouds