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Wish You Were Here

Untitled (After the Party: Rubulad), 2008, Archival Pigment Print, 40″ x 50″

On Tuesday, Rubulad’s doors were shut and padlocked after a sudden and shocking eviction.  Rubulad is an art, party, and living space for local artists, and is the source of many amazing and wild memories for me.  I am still in denial that the unpredicatbale nights of their parties are no more – hopefully they will find a new homebase for their events soon.

This  image is from a series of interiors of abandonded party spaces I have been working on.  It was done in 2008 after the the Rubulad Easter party – notice the Peep Decorations.

UPDATE: In better news, word has it the inhabitants of Rubulad are back to living there, but there will be no more parties.

life as i know it

Greetings from Babe Rock Island

I had the opportunity to spend last weekend with 40 friends and aquaintances camping in an undisclosed location hosted by the folks at flux factory.  Jeff Stark and A’yen Tran led us on a “Going Places (Doing Stuff)” weekend for 36 hours of rock diving, camp-song singing, skinny dipping, shooting star-gazing,  hiking, and the establishment of a new landmark, Babe Rock Island.

Our sweet ride, Vroom. The Vroom bus is a converted vegetable-oil powered bus that seats

Jeff, A'yen, and Jean, our fearless camp counselors

Singin' on the bus.

After 2 hours of traffic and driving songs, we stopped at “hell hole” somewhere near Bear Mountain.  Chilled in a waterfall and leapt off a 20-foot rock into cool water.

Alita in the Babe waterfall

Stopped for a picnic lunch and decided to see what it felt like to be in a painting by one of the Hudson River School painters of the 19th century….

Kind of like this one….

"The Departure" (1837) by Thomas Cole

Vroom dashboard

Arriving at camp for some much needed hammock time.

Jason, the Grillmaster


This is a cup made from a PBR can. This is as resourceful as I get.

Caution takes a post night swim hit.

Babes on a barge.

The view of the dock from Babe Rock Island.

My lovely sister likes to think I went on a “hipster camping” trip – turns out hipster camping is not unlike real people camping.

You can see the full gallery of photos here.