life as i know it

saturday night at the st. roch like whoa.

Pictures from Rusty Lazer’s weekly Saturday night party at the St. Roch Tavern in New Orleans.  It was a crazy crazy fun way to spend all hallow’s eve – sweatin’ it out on the dance floor in the dirty dirty.

DJ Rusty Lazer

Ally gets low.

My favorite tattoos of all time ever.

How'r ya derrr'n, Merr'n?

Azz everywhere....

Azz everywhere!!!


i don't know.


life as i know it

Swooning for Summer.

Sometimes the recipe for a perfect summer day in New York requires one thousand other like-minded people who want to let their hair down and dance.  Last Sunday I joined the masses on the Williamsburg Waterfront to wild-out at the Cut Copy show.  I got to meet up with some old friends, drink, dance and bask in the feeling of freedom that should accompany the summer season.

I’ve been working/worrying way too hard the last month.  Summer needs to feel more like this:

Cut Copy – Glittering Clouds