From the Deck
life as i know it

hot, wet, and palmy

More fun at The Palms last weekend!

From the Deck

Bubblesbubble attack!!!

Synchronized Swimmers

Lily, Vanessa, and Julia jump!Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Bubble Girl

DJ & Bubblesi just couldn’t get enough of these girls!

flash in your shades

retro chic

night falls on the palms

Sunset over The Palms.

Disco Will

Disco Will.

swimmer's grin


shaded smile

Andy (mean)

Andy, you look good when you look mean.

high fives in the pool.

high fives!

beach ball


inflatable splash

View from the deck


i love this girl! look at those eyes!


nice balls

nice balls

Xango model

Xango model

like a fish out of water

like a fish out of water

Julia and her blue kicks.

Julia and her blue kicks.

Xango model

love me a good booty shot. goodnight.

You can see the rest of the photos from last saturday in the full Palms gallery and photos from the first one: dumpster diving!

There will be more there this weekend – it really is a good time – you can find out more on The Palms website.

life as i know it

i melt with you

Happy Birthday, CHERYL! I can’t believe you are already 3!! Let’s celebrate with tall scary clowns, glitter mustaches, sundae toppings on our faces, and ice cream all over the floor.

booty kiss

I spilled the party all over the floor

Sundae Toppings

Bobby as a scary birthday clown

Rickie Rix breaks it down

Three whole years!

Blow me.



pretty good humor, if you ask me.

Jon and Dylan

Red Destiny

Chris Happy Cat Shirt.

Stina as a Sundae.


I melt with you.

Brandon lazer wizard eye cream

life as i know it

and then everyone was covered in fake blood and dancing

Photos from the EuroCheryl party at the Bell House.   The Cherylites had one last hurrah before they set off for Europe to bring their love of dance parties, felines, and fake blood to Europe.

No shortage of Lederhosen here!

Everyone got up on stage to dance in the Parade of Nations

... and to participate in Baguette Jousting.


Do the Cheryl!

Le Trash

Buon Voyage, Cheryl! Have fun on the other side of the pond!