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some kind of art project

“Is this some kind of art project?” my friend Greg overheard someone ask as he passed by Monster Island on Sunday.  Guess you could say that.

Friend and artist Maya Hayuk orchestrated a massive paint pour over a mural project she has been working on for the past seven years on the facade of the building, as the it will be demolished next month to make way for developers.  Tons of friends came out to participate in and behold the building and its murals be covered in drippy, messy, colorful paint.  Monster Island has been home to several artists’ studios, Kayrock Screenprinting, Secret Project Robot, Live With Animals Gallery, Mollusk surf Shop, and has hosted countless rock shows since it opened it’s doors in 2004.

Thanks, Maya, for organizing such a beautiful way to send it off.  I guess we can say on to bigger and better things, but it is still hard to see such an amazing place founded and run by artists being forced out of its home, despite the fact that that’s nothing new.  There aren’t many place like this left in the neighborhood (are there any, really?).



Maya and Thyra

Paint Pour

How many cans of paint does it take?

Paint Pour

maya in the middle


Alethia and Umbrella



Paint Pour

Paint Pour



Kelie and Nick

kelie and nick




Wolfy with umbrella












lots more photos from the paint pour here.


At the Disco
life as i know it


I’m back from a whirlwind trip to Zurich and Art Basel, where I got to see lots of friends, art, and parties.  I am forever in love with Europe.  Switzerland is freakishly clean and prohibitively expensive, luckily I have generous friends who took care of me.

At the Disco

At the Disco

Lady in White Mask at Campari Bar

Lady in White Mask at Campari Bar

Elena and Lovers

Elena and Lovers

I met Elena on this trip.  Lovely.  I wish you could hear her laugh. It’s infectious.

Stefano and Me

Stefano and Me

I usually don’t post pics of myself on my blog, but I couldn’t resist this one.  I’ve gotten to know Stefano over the last couple of years between New York, Italy, and now, Switzerland.  A kindred spirit, or as one would say in Italian, an anima gemelli, which translates literally to “twin spirit,” Stefano always keeps me laughing hysterically, drinking into wee hours of the morning.  This photo sums up our friendship.  Love you, Stefano! Can’t wait to see you again!

Vale Dancing

Vale Dancing

This is my Italian sister, Valentina.  We have know each other for 16 years.  Basically, I’m the American version of her and she is the Italian version of me.  We see each other once every few years, and it’s always like no time has passed.  Magic.

I’m pretty certain that Valentina and I drank champagne at least once every single day.

I went to Art Basel and all I got was this coaster.

I went to Art Basel and all I got was this coaster.



life as i know it

The Exquisite Landscape

I’m in this show that opens this Friday.  I am honored to be showing along some of my mentors and fiercely talented colleagues.  I got a sneak peak of it during install last week and it looks amazing. You should go.

Artists include:

Lara Alcantara
Charles Atherton
Nayland Blake
Barbara Bloom
Adam Blumberg
Holly Bynoe
Christine Callahan
Marla Leigh Caplan
Teresa Christiansen
Beth Chucker
Tara Cronin
Pradeep Dalal
Dillon DeWaters
Joy Episalla
Samuel  Falls
Michael Itkoff
Bill Jacobson
Susan Jahoda
Tuomas  Korpijaakko
Heike Marie Krause
Kim Kremer
Tatiana Kronberg Hamilton
Catherine Kunkemueller
Justine Kurland
Pierre Le Hors
Rebecca Leopold
Jamie Lund
Joshua Lutz
Kenric  McDowell
Roisin  Morris
Barbara Nitke
Paul Qaysi
Martha  Rosler
Elizabeth Sales
Lauren Silberman
Abigail Simon
Hyla Skopitz
David Smith
Willamain Somma
Davis Thompson Moss
Brina Thurston
Janaina Tschape
Alejandra Ugarte Bedwell
Alyssa Taylor Wendt
Hannah Whitaker