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Last One to Leave

I’ve been working on this series (called Afterparty) for a really long time.  I shoot interiors of party spaces, after the party has ended and the space is still a mess.  It’s always a test of endurance, because the chance to get the best shot is right after everyone has left, and before anyone comes to clean.  I have  often worked at these parties, usually as a bartender. I stash my equipment behind the bar, and patiently wait for the stragglers to leave before I set up my equipment.  Sometimes I get something great, often I don’t.  It’s hard composing at that hour and hard to see the beauty through tired eyes, but luckily there’s this thing called autopilot that allows me to still be able to use a light meter and to not fuck up my exposure.  So here are a few from the Red Lotus Room, taken after the Voluption party last weekend.  There are few other images from this series on this page of my blog from a few months back.